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Wilma Brown

Jambo (Hello) my name is Wilma Brown, Karibu (Welcome) to Ekea safaris, which is part of the Ekea Holidays and safaris Co. Ltd. I am the Managing Director and the UK representative for Ekea Safaris, Diani Beach, Kenya.

Growing up in Africa as a young girl and teenager, gave me my love for Africa and the Wildlife which has stayed with me throughout my life. I first visited Kenya in 1991 and have continued to do so every year since, sometimes three times per year and often for many weeks at a time. My many visits over the 21 years has given me a vast knowledge and experiences which I pass on to others. I continue to visit different parks and often re-visit lodges/camps to ensure that the standard is high enough to recommend to others.


I have been on numerous safaris over the years and never tire of them, the fantastic thing about them is that there are never two the same and you just never know what you are going to see. I have wonderful memories, one of them is the sight of seeing 6 giraffes walking along a dusty red track towards us in Tsavo West, and of the elephant with the huge tusks. The colours on the plumage of the birds are stunning and they are a delight to see.


I have met some wonderful people and made many friends over the years and have sat in the evenings listening to stories from many safari drivers of their experiences over the years. My interest in safaris has been a natural progression, changing from an interest and passion for the wildlife to starting our safari company a few years ago to forming the company that is now Ekea Holidays.


Although our company is small, this gives us the added advantage of being able to give our clients the personal touch and we are able to ensure that their every wish is fulfilled. We listen to what the client wants and because of the knowledge that we have all gained over the years we are able to advise what would best suit our clients. We don't automatically fill our bus with people, we try to make it as comfortable as possible.


All of us at Ekea Safaris feel that the Wild Life in Kenya should be for all to enjoy and to that end, we support children from local orphanages taking them on safari. During these trips we provide a picnic and give these children the opportunity to enjoy the delights of a safari. We supply them with books and pens and educate them on the wildlife that we see. The children always return happy and we know that we have given these children experiences that they would never have had. The trips have always been successful and we enjoy being able to offer local children the chance to see the wildlife in it's natural habitat.

The safaris we offer are samples only and are not "Set in stone", they can be altered to your specification. If you have a preference to where you want to go, that will be catered for. If you have a budget you would like to work from then let us know, we will work out a programme for you that will best suit your needs and pocket. It would give me the greatest pleasure to be of assistance to you and to answer some of your questions.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that I can be of assistance to you and help you decide what safari best suits you.

Kwaher (Bye) for now.



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